What Types of Livestock Can a Beginner Farmer Raise For Profits?

When making the decision to raise livestock for profits you should be prepared for some serious work ahead. Raising livestock requires dedication and funds for feeding and animal acquisition. But there’s no need to feel down because all your hard work will pay off.As a beginner livestock farmer you can farm any type of livestock as long as you get the right guidelines. You can raise chickens, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, ducks or horses in your farm. In this article we are going to cover how to raise chickens and ducks.Chickens:All across the nation people are beginning to raise chickens. Some just want to get back to the basics whilst others it maybe the state of the economy. Either reason chickens are interesting birds to raise and can be profitable too.When raising chickens you have to first build them a chicken house. The house can be in form of a chicken coop, livestock barn or even a chicken tractor. Chickens will use the house for shelter, lay their eggs and roost at night.Equipment that is needed for chickens is a poultry waterer, nesting boxes and feeder equipment. The type of waterers and feeders depends on the age of your chickens so make sure you know what chickens you want to raise before buying your equipment.Don’t forget to get chicken feed before you order your chickens because you don’t want your chickens to get hungry.Chicken feeds vary from the age of your chickens. Chicks should be given growing mash whilst egg chickens given laying mash. Grown chickens can eat almost anything that is edible to humans, which means you can give them your leftovers to save of money in buying chicken feed.Ducks:Raising ducks it quite easy than most people would think. The first thing you have to know is the different types of duck breeds. There are duck breeds that are good for meat production and those good for egg production.Once you have made the decision on which duck breed you want to raise the next step is to build a duck coop. The duck coop will provide some shelter for your ducks and can be built from bamboo. It also should be located in a safe place where predators can’t access it. The coop should be kept dry so that bacteria doesn’t grow.Lastly your ducks have to be fed nutritious food. Keep in mind that ducklings are fed different kinds of food than other ducks. So when buying your feed make sure it’s for the type of duck you are raising.